DUI Process

DUI Process

Generally, the DUI process starts either when an individual is pulled for traffic violation or a person enters into a DUI checkpoint. If you’re stopped by police for DUI, please contact us for free consultation.
Once a police officer has detected the objective sign of intoxication, he/she will start the DUI investigation.
After officer completes the tests for dui, he/she will claim the driver failed that tests, and will arrest that driver for DUI. In usual DUI cases, the police officer will arrest the driver for DUI.
If you’ve been arrested, you’ll need to hire a lawyer.
Once you’ve been arrested, the police officer will give you a form known as “Suspension Order & Temporary License.” We may file a legal motion and can make some technical legal arguments in order to convince hearing officer that license shouldn’t be suspended.

Misdemeanor DUI

We are dedicated to offering every client the best defense possible. With us, you can rest assured of a knowledgeable, aggressive and experienced lawyer to assist you to avoid the serious consequences of a misdemeanor DUI.

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Felony DUI

Our DUI lawyers are here to help people charged with a felony DUI case. A proven success record and reputation for excellence makes our law firm the first choice of people charged with a felony DUI case.

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Aggravated DUI

If you were charged with an aggravated DUI, you can give yourself the best opportunity of loss of driving privilege and avoiding jail by calling our DUI lawyers who will fight aggressively against your DUI convictions.

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Other DUI Cases

Drug DUI

We are capable to represent people charged with a drug DUI case. Our DUI lawyers offer an aggressive representation customized to the exclusive facts of the case. Call us today to discuss your drug DUI case with our experienced defense lawyers.

Bike DUI

We represent bicyclists who get charged with bike DUI. We understand that aggressive defense often will motivate the prosecutors to reduce or dismiss bike DUI charges. Helping clients avoid convictions from bike DUI is our top priority.

Underage DUI

Under 21 DUI cases can be quite serious. So, you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer to help with your case. If you have been charged with an underage DUI case, get in touch with our lawyers immediately.

At arraignment, your lawyer will enter plea for you for “not guilty” and get the “complaint.” It’s the “charging document” which the prosecutor files in the court.
After arraignment, the court now has set your case for pre-trial hearing. There might be more than a pre-trial; if your case isn’t resolved, then case will be put for jury trial.
About 5% criminal trials only go to the jury trial ever. Most cases are dismissed or settled long before trial. If your case can’t be settled before the trial, you’ll need to present for jury trial. We will make sure that jury hears all the evidences.
If everything goes well, you’ll have your DUI case dismissed and will be found to be “not guilty.” If you’re found guilty, then you’ll need to go to the DUI educations classes, might be put on probation and you’ll have some fines to pay.